Animated Short Films About The Environment

These are five animated short films that raise social awareness about how humankind continually destroys Mother Earth.

Pixar Going Green Short Film

This animated film by Pixar is about a traffic green light who fell in love with a tree that once passed his intersection. Going Green is simple yet brilliant. Some may find the film funny and ridiculous; but if you look at it from a different perspective, you would feel the message.

Save Forest by Red Pix Short Films

Save Forest is an award-winning animated social awareness short film about deforestation. Simply done and direct to the point, yet touching, and leaves an impact.

Scarecrow by Chipotle Mexican Grill

This short video is about Scarecrow’s search for sustainable food. Sad about all the food processed and machine-made that kids eat daily, Scarecrow decided to gather naturally grown food in his farm, prepared a dish, then offered it to the kids in the city. The film is sad but its message is very real.

Planet Unknown by the Shawn Wang

This award winning 3D CGI animated film is about two rovers sent far beyond Earth in search of a planet that can sustain green life. Many beans were tested in the unknown planet but failed until they found a potential. When meteors started to strike the unknown planet, they protected the last green bean with their lives. The message of this film is very strong. You may find it exaggerated, yet it leaves you thinking with a hope that it is not something that could happen to Earth very soon.

Man By Steve Cuts

Man is about human’s abuse and irresponsible use of the natural world. This short film is direct to the point. It summarises every capitalist villainous actions.

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