Ways To Keep Yourself Young Naturally

Being Young Need Not Be Expensive

Being young is not just for women; it’s for men as well. In fact, it’s for every one in general. Our environment is not as clean as 50 decades ago. We breathe in toxins from air every second. To cleanse our body, we need to feed it enough supply of anti-oxidants. As we age, our body do not regenerate cells as often as it can when we were babies. For that reason, we need to help our body system to rejuvenate and regenerate our cells with ample supply of anti-oxidants and rejuvenating nutrients.

Ageing is a natural process of the body. Science has found, however, how to reverse the ageing process. There are surgical methods, like plastic surgery, and non-surgical methods like botox and the use of cosmetics.

There are also food and dietary supplements that contain rejuvenating nutrients or substances that slow down aging like resveratrol found in grapes and Japanese knotweed.

All these anti-aging systems are not free. Surgical methods are definitely expensive and painful, not only to your body but also to your wallet. Cosmetic creams, lotions, and soap are also expensive although those commercially available in the market are affordable but may not be effective.

Natural methods like eating fruits and vegetables and taking food supplements are safe and helpful. But you need kilos of these food in order for your cells to regenerate quickly. Adding food supplements to your diet is an alternative solution. Whether you choose food or food supplements, you still need money to purchase them.

The Good Aura Trick

Perhaps you have met people who are not actually pretty but are pleasant to see. You usually refer to them as someone with a good aura. These people are usually kind and graceful, helpful and generous, charitable and sociable, of happy disposition and who always wear a smile. You might notice that despite their age, they all looked younger than their biological age. No intention to offend, but even if they do not have a pretty face which they humbly admit, they look beautiful in everybody’s eyes. Wonder why? What’s their secret?

They have one thing in common. They love helping people. It’s their nature. They don’t do it to be praised by everybody. They just love helping people. Another thing common among them is that they spend hours praying and meditating.

It’s hard to explain. It may sound funny but it’s true that an “ugly” face can look beautiful. Their beauty exudes from their beauty within.

Chris Tiu is one good example. Chris is a nice person. He is intelligent, athletic, kind, generous, helpful, spiritual, a devout Christian of the Catholic faith, humble, modest, a good leader who cares for the youth, a good father, and a loving husband. For an artist’s perspective, he is not the ideal face model with chiseled nose and prominent bone structure. But in the eyes of many, he exudes beauty, not handsome, but that of graceful beauty. He is not just a pretty face. He exudes beauty from within.

There is Another Secret – an Ancient One

I came across an article about a Tibetan monk who is more than 100 years old. In a related 1939 book written by Peter Kelder, the author related how he discovered the secrets of the Tibetan monks on how they had kept themselves youthful. It’s a set of yoga-like exercises that the monks would perform every day as a form of their ritual for health, fitness and rejuvenation. The monk revealed the secret to the author who then followed the routine as instructed. After some months of applying the rites of rejuvenation, Peter’s friends were surprised to find out how he turned years younger.

Curious about it, I bought a copy of the book and tried the routine for months. No doubt, I felt better. I just don’t know if it made me younger. But there was a time when I visited a friend in Baguio, she remarked, “there’s something different about you.” I just smiled.

The Tibetan secret rites to a youthful body were tailor-made and are more ideal for men. (The book explains why.) This is good news for men who do not want to undergo plastic surgery or use anti-aging creams. They can perform the Tibetan exercises as part of their fitness workout. It’s just like doing a yoga routine.

This is where I found the article. It’s actually a sales page. That means, it sells something. You don’t have to buy anything. There are other sources. Just search the Net.

Just in case you’d buy the book, upon unzipping the file, it will prompt you with a virus warning. Just ignore it. It’s not a virus, I guess. I think what causing it is the script that asks for a password in order for you to open the e-book.

Some Staying Young Habits

I have collected from the Net different ways to be young. In a nutshell, these are the things that men can do to keep a youthful glowing skin and slow down the aging process without spending too much.

  1. Be happy and positive always or as much as possible; but don’t fake it. There are times that we need to be sad and feel down. It’s just natural. Just let it pass; don’t linger with it.
  2. Be nice, kind, and generous. Being generous is not just about money and is not measured in dollars. Time, presence, and thoughtfulness are gifts that you can give for free.
  3. Add grapes to your every meal. There are other food that rejuvenates the cells – cabbage, tomatoes, citrus fruits are among them. You can search the Net for this type of food.
  4. Reinforce your diet with anti-aging food supplements and anti-oxidants. There are anti-oxidants that bring out the natural color of the blood, thus, make your skin color pink-blush. Just make sure that you buy them from reputable manufacturers and stores.
  5. Sleep well. If you cannot sleep for at least 8 hours a day or the number of hours that your body needs, learn to meditate and relax. Sleeping is the time our body heals itself.
  6. Pray a lot. Pray more and more often. Not just for you, but for the good of others as well. Praying, meditation, being nice and generous, and being helpful can give you that radiant youth or aura. But don’t do it for the sake of looking youthful. We cannot trick nature. We have to be genuine.
  7. Move. Walk or exercise. By being active, we help our body cells to regenerate.
  8. Drink water every day. Drink a little more than what’s enough. We live in a polluted surroundings, so, we need more than what our body needs.
  9. Try the Tibetan rejuvenating fitness workout. If it worked, I would appreciate it if you could share in the comment below. Here’s the link to the site.

You might ask…

I’m afraid that you might ask this: do I look younger than my age. I don’t know. In case we meet, maybe you can tell me. 😉

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