About AMIKVS Photos

man-in-the-city-via-pexelThis is the photo bucket for the photographs that I personally take. You can download any of my photographs for free (at this moment or forever). Generally, all the photographs at amikvs:photos are licensed under CC0 (Creative Commons Zero license),Β unless stated otherwise. Attribution (giving me credit) is appreciated but not required. CC0 means no rights reserved public domain. In other words, you may use my photographs for any purpose β€” personal, non-commercial, commercial. You may modify the photo, remix it, distribute it for any good purpose, or build upon it. You can read more information about CC0 license on Creative Commons.

Purposes of Use Explained

The definition of CC0 is a bit vague for me if we’re talking about the purpose of using the photos. Personally, here’s how you can use my CC0 photos. My understanding may not be true to others, but at least, for my photos, use them as follows. Not everything is stated here so just use your wise judgment.

Use my photo as a wallpaper on your computer, include it in an audio-visual presentation or video for your business presentation or family events, design personal invitations, post or use as headers or featured image for your personal blogs, websites, social media sites, and other personal non-commercial usages.
Other than personal usage, you may also use the photos to redistribute them as a way of sharing them on social sites, use them for educational purposes, promote a good cause, use it for editorial purposes such as in your blog, and other purposes that do not involve selling.
Use the photo as part of or as a visual image on an item or product that you sell such as books, mugs, magazines, t-shirts, billboards, banners, advertising, etc. Use them on your websites as headers, site content images, social site pages. Use them as a giveaway either individually or part of a package.

Restriction or Perhaps, Just A Personal Favor

coffee-cup-beans-via-pexelFor now, my only restriction or request is that you don’t sell my photos in exchange for money. I grant you to use my photos for free, so as a courtesy to me, please do not sell them either individually or in a bundle.Β In case you have strong urge to sell them, just send me a note. I am a friendly guy. Coffee would be nice! πŸ™‚ You may also consider donating via my PayPal or send me something in kind – avocados or dragon fruits would be nice as gifts! πŸ™‚

For other restrictions, be the wise judge. If you think that it is not ethical to do it, don’t do it. Here’s an article written by Pixabay about what is not allowed to do with a public domain image.

Enjoy my photos! … while they’re free!